Pride of the West

Pride of the West

The Pride of the West, will be held later in 2021.

The Black Trucks Isuzu Pride of the West – Pride of the Outback Spring

September is the time of year the Quilpie Diggers’ Race Club hosts its annual Pride of the West stockhorse races and this year the Quilpie Diggers’ Race Club is delighted to announce that Black Truck and Ag have teamed with Isuzu Trucks to be this year’s major event sponsors.

Quilpie is famous as one of the major trucking towns of Queensland being the chief railhead for Channel Country cattle and is home to a number of local trucking companies which annually combine to sponsor the Cattle Carter’s Classic, one of the heats leading up to the main event, the Black Trucks Isuzu Pride of the West.

The station horse races take place in the traditional atmosphere of an outback race meeting with Fashions on the Field, Sky Channel coverage of usual Saturday racing with a betting ring in operation. Four heats will be run worth a thousand dollars each, with the Black Trucks Isuzu Pride of the West final offering a winner take all five-thousand-dollar cash prize.

Last year, a unique programme of running races influenced by the drought, hit the track between horse races. Local grazier and race club committee member Jon Mooring, on one of his daily cottonseed runs came up with the idea of foot races in which the runner also carries a bag of cottonseed. So, the Quilpie Cottonseed Classic was born with cash prizes for children’s and adult’s races. The committee had anticipated that the need for cotton seed would have disappeared this year but sadly the drought continues throughout large areas of the South West. The Cottonseed Classic is a salute to the daily working load of many local station owners and the committee hopes that the foot races that were so popular last year will provide some light hearted relief.

The Black Trucks Isuzu Pride of the West will be run at Bulloo Park, Quilpie, on Saturday, 28 September.