Event — 29th September 2018

Pride of the West

Event — 29th September 2018

Pride of the West

Drought Buster Santos Pride of the West

September is the time of year the Quilpie Diggers’ Race Club usually hosts its annual Pride of the West Festival, a three-day event featuring Two Handed Cutting, 250 metre stock horse sprints and a Station Challenge. 2018, however, will see a return to the original Pride of the West format, a single race day.

As the drought is seemingly ever present, the theme for the 2018 Pride of the West will be the Drought Buster. Prizemoney for the famous race has been increased to make it attractive for those battling the drought to enter horses they may already be feeding. Four heats will be worth a thousand dollars each, with the Pride of the West final offering a winner take all five thousand dollar cash prize.

A unique programme of running races again influenced by the drought, will be staged on track between races. Local grazier and race club committee member Jon Mooring, on one of his daily cottonseed runs came up with the idea of foot races in which the runner also carries a bag of cottonseed. So, the Quilpie Cottonseed Classic will debut at the Drought Buster Pride of the West with cash prizes for children’s and adults’ races. Given the value of the handicap, it has been stipulated that all cottonseed be returned at the end of the classic!

The Drought Buster Santos 2018 Pride of the West will be run at Bulloo Park, Quilpie, on 29 September.

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DATE — 29th Sept 2018

TROPHIES — $9000 in prizemoney and trophies for the horses.  over $1000 in Fashions on the Field, $800 for the Quilpie Cotton Seed Classic foot races


Saturday Race Day

  • A selection of horses from local stations and regional towns, race against each other in heats and then the final; with the champion to be named Pride of the West.
  • Resembling a conventional race day complete with bookies, Sky Channel and Family Fashions on the Field.
  • Introducing the Quilpie Cottonseed Classic – Foot races for Ladies & Gents, Boys & Girls
  • The Santos Pride of the West will be held 29 September.